August 16, 2017

After the never-ending rumours and speculations, Daniel has finally answered what we all have been asking. In his appearance in last night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he announced that he will return for Bond 25! No other details were given, but it will be his final Bond film.

3 Comments to "Daniel Craig Confirmed for Bond 25"
  1. Claus Halkjaer says:

    Thanks for taking this new movie. Looking forward to it. For me you are what I see of Ian Flemmings Bond. Yes other actors was good too, but the cool and distant way you play Bond is for me no. 1

    All the best Mr. Craig.


  2. Tracey Hurst says:

    So so glad Daniel Craig is going to do another bond, my favourite James bond ever love you 007 xxx

  3. Coolio Hunt says:

    I was glad about that. One more time with the girls,action fighting Villains, & one more behind the Aston Martin.

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