October 07, 2015

I have put up new layouts on the main site and in the gallery. The previous one had been up for over 2 years, and I’ve wanted something new, especially with the new Bond film coming up. The layouts are responsive, so if you ever spot something weird or out of place, let me know. Hope you all like it!

October 06, 2015

Check out the music video of the official Spectre theme song, Writing’s on the Wall, by Sam Smith.

October 03, 2015
October 01, 2015

Once Spectre is released, we’ll be getting at least one more James Bond 007 adventure with Daniel Craig in the lead role…

There’s been no shortage of speculation in recent weeks as to the future of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007. Come the release of Spectre later this month, Craig will match Pierce Brosnan’s four outings as 007, and there had been rumours that Henry Cavill was on the radar to be his replacement.

But the preference is for Craig to continue in the role. On his watch, a James Bond movie crossed $1bn at the global box office for the first time, with Skyfall. Hopes are high that Spectre will do similar business.

So: will Daniel Craig be back as James Bond again? Yes, it seems that he will.

Chatting to our, er, favourite outlet (that’d be The Mail), Craig declared that “I work myself to death”, referring to the training required for the role. “It’s getting harder. But such is life. I’ll keep going as long as I’m physically able”.

That’s going to involve a further James Bond adventure at least, too. “I’m contracted for one more”, he revealed, “but I’m not going to make predictions”.

Craig has admitted in the past that he considered walking away from the James Bond role after Skyfall, but it seems he’s going to be 007 until at least 2017/2018.

Source: Den of Geek

September 27, 2015

Spectre has a feature in the November 2015 issue of Total Film, including some on-set photos. I have added scans to the gallery.

September 25, 2015

I have updated the gallery with scans of the full feature of Spectre in the November 2015 issue of Empire Magazine UK.

September 25, 2015

Listen to Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall, the official theme song for Spectre!