August 23, 2013

So when word spread that James Bond himself may have bought a £12m country pile in the local area, it understandably caused something of a stir.

News of actor Daniel Craig’s supposed interest in Dalby Hall, a 1,051-acre estate in the idyllic Lincolnshire Wolds, began in July after local media reported that he had been spotted house-hunting nearby.

When the property was recently withdrawn from the market, it set rumours ablaze that 007 was preparing to settle down in Britain’s favourite market town, as voted by BBC’s Countryfile Magazine.

Regulars at the Wheatsheaf Inn, a grade II listed pub in the town centre, insisted that the Hollywood star had been witnessed enjoying a pint of Guinness just last week – although some bravely admitted having been absent at the time.

One customer who claims he did see the actor confessed: “Daniel came in for a quiet drink, but I didn’t recognise him because I haven’t seen any of his films.”

Landlady Linda Proctor, said the actor had been in but that her staff did not want to bother him. “He had a nice quiet drink and was on his own….I think if he had wanted to be recognised he would have taken off his sunglasses and hat,” she observed.

The sensational news is likely to have come as a shock even to Mr Craig himself, however, as sources close to the actor confirmed he had not even set foot in Britain in recent weeks.

He is busy rehearsing for a play in New York and is understood to have no designs on the eight-bedroom parkland estate which includes a coach house, farmhouse, three farmyards, an established shoot, a trout lake and a private airstrip.

A spokesman for Brown & Co, the estate agent with which the property had been listed, confirmed that it was not under offer when it was withdrawn from the market. “It would be lovely” if the news had been true, he added.


August 17, 2013

The stuntman who amazed the world when he parachuted into the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony dressed as James Bond has died while wing-diving in Switzerland.

Mark Sutton, 42, died on Wednesday after crashing into a ridge near Martigny, close to the French border, during a three-day wing-diving event.

The former army officer played the role of Daniel Craig’s Bond in the most memorable sequence of the ceremony, accompanying another stuntman dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

The short film showed James Bond being summoned to the Palace, before skydiving with the queen into the Olympic Stadium.

The cause of the accident was not yet known but the former officer in the Gurkha Rifles reportedly died on impact.

Wing divers wear special suits that allow them to glide through the air before a parachute is deployed for landing.

Gary Connery, the stuntman who played the queen, tweeted of his friend Sutton’s death: “All you jumpers/flyers out there, stay safe, make wise choices and know your limits and your locations. Live to tell your stories. One love.”

Sutton apparently died after jumping from a helicopter at an altitude of 3,300 metres. He was part of a group of about 20 other wingsuit flyers who were among the world’s best.

The group was in the region at the invitation of a company that filmed extreme sports, although it was not known whether Sutton was being filmed at the time of the accident.


August 14, 2013

Daniel Craig thrilled onlookers by ordering a series of Martinis at a restaurant this week.

The British hunk is well known for playing suave spy James Bond, who famously drinks Martinis ‘shaken not stirred’. It seems Daniel can’t separate himself from his 007 role, even when cameras aren’t rolling. He visited the appropriately named Bond St. restaurant in New York City on Monday night, much to the delight of fellow diners.

Daniel arrived looking buff in a tight black T-shirt and was accompanied by two women and a man. The group were eager to keep a low-profile and apparently spent the evening speaking in “hushed tones”. They sat in a quiet corner of the eatery, where they dined and enjoyed a host of cocktails.

“It looked like they were celebrating,” a source told New York Post.

Last month, it was revealed that Sam Mendes had signed on to direct the next Bond movie, following the success of his collaboration with Daniel on Skyfall.

The 24th instalment in the iconic spy franchise will apparently be based on the 2008 novel Devil May Care – with Penélope Cruz rumoured to have a significant role.

Daniel is contracted to appear in at least two more Bond movies.

The 45-year-old hunk is spending time in New York at the moment as he rehearsing for a new Broadway theatre production. He will star alongside his wife Rachel Weisz in Betrayal, which begins previews on October 1.


August 13, 2013

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July 22, 2013

Fan of The Professionals will be treated to a Capri-make of the classic TV cop series in the form of a big budget movie.

The show’s creator Brian Clemens, 81, is currently seeking actors to star as no-nonsense action men Bodie and Doyle, played by a Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins in the original.

Clemens, who received an OBE in 2010, will be executive producer on the film, which is due to start shooting before the end of the year.

He said: “It’s going to be a big action movie. The script is done and now we are looking at casting.

“There are some big names being talked about, we just have to make sure they are available.

“Getting the right people is very important, because the show means a lot to the fans.”

He said the remake would be set now as it was too hard to get period details right.

The famous Capri, in which they chased villains, will be replaced by a modern car.

Clemens explained: “It’s a huge task to shoot a period film – you’ll always get someone complaining that the wrong sort of phonebox was used in one scene or something. The show can easily fit into the modern day.”

The Professionals ran for four series over six years on ITV from 1977 with audiences of over 10 million.

Names mentioned to play Bodie include Bond’s Daniel Craig, 45, Transporter star Jason Statham, 45, Inception hunk Tom Hardy, 35, and even Tom Cruise, 51. 

Former Doctor Who David Tennant, 42, The Wire’s Dominic West, 43, Bond’s new Q Ben Whishaw, 32, and Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, 37, are on the wish list to play Doyle.

Clemens assured fans they will like the new version, adding: “To any fans worried about the remake, can I just point out I had nothing to do with the Avengers movie in the 1990s. The less said about that, the better.”

Mirror TV critic Ian Hyland’s verdict:

My first reaction when I heard about this proposed remake? Aw man, I used to love The Professionals when I was a kid.

My second reaction? Why would anyone want to stamp all over those memories by attempting the impossible feat of recapturing the brilliance of Bodie and Doyle?

There is one way I could be persuaded to watch this movie though.

If the producers pulled off a real coup when casting Gordon Jackson’s legendary CI5 boss George Cowley. A tough-talking, dram-loving

Glaswegian who rules with a rod of iron and doesn’t suffer fools in suits gladly.

Well, it’s not like Sir Alex Ferguson is busy these days.

July 13, 2013

The 24th James Bond movie is rumoured to be based on 2008 novel Devil May Care.

According to The Sun, studio bosses have chosen Sebastian Faulks‘s Bond novel as the basis for Daniel Craig’s next outing.

The book, released to mark the 100th anniversary of creator Ian Fleming’s birth, is set in 1967 as a sequel to The Man with the Golden Gun.

Devil May Care follows Bond battling a chemist named Dr Julius Gorner, who aims to control Britain.

Sam Mendes recently confirmed that he will return to direct Bond 24, following the huge success of last year’s Skyfall.

The project will be released in the UK on October 23, 2015 and in the US on November 6, 2015. Screenwriter John Logan will also return.

“I am very pleased that by giving me the time I need to honour all my theatre commitments, the producers have made it possible for me to direct Bond 24,” Mendes said.

July 10, 2013

DANIEL Craig has a new alias, Robert Wagner.

The 007 star has revealed that he uses Wagner’s name as an alias when picking up mail near his home in upstate Stone Ridge, with wife Rachel Weisz.

Furthermore, as Craig is ready to leave James Bond behind, Wagner’s name popped up within rumours of who will play the next super-agent.

Social media has been crawling with fans protesting the Austin Power’s star becomes the next Bond, some amid fans even set up a Facebook page named “We Want Robert Wagner for James Bond”.

Well, good luck Wagner… Robert Wagner.

Source: Showbiz Spy.