July 07, 2013

I have added 8 HQ’s from the Australia v British & Irish Lions game, thanks to SKB.

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July 07, 2013

THEIR injured captain has been dubbed 007 – but the real James Bond ­congratulated the ­victorious British and Irish Lions side as they beat Australia in Sydney.

Daniel Craig flew in from Los ­Angeles to join more than 30,000 Lions fans for the final clash in the three-match series at the city’s ANZ stadium.

The Bond actor joined the stars on the pitch after their victory.

And later, he even treated the team to some 007-style luxury.

“Daniel Craig & his champagne arrive into @lionsofficial dressing room,” said a tweet from the official Lions account, as they posted photos of the celebrations.

The actor joined the ­partying players in their dressing room and was ­pictured with many of the side, clutching a ­bottle of beer and sporting a Lions scarf.

The side – captained by Alun-Wyn Jones in the absence of the injured Sam Warburton – trounced the ­Wallabies 41-16 to clinch their first Test series win in 16 years.

Leigh Halfpenny was named man of the match after landing seven from eight kicks to rack up 21 points.

Bond star Daniel, 45, is a huge rugby fan, who once played for ­Hoylake RFC Rugby Union Club in north-west ­England.

Craig and his James Bond Skyfall co-star, Javier Bardem, even bonded over their love of the sport.

Craig said: “He played rugby for Spain, so he’s serious.”

The injured Lions captain Sam ­Warburton was nicknamed 007 when he revealed a muscled torso after emerging topless from the water in both Bondi beach and in Perth.

Prime Minister David Cameron was among those to offer ­congratulations to the side, tweeting: “A superb result for the British and Irish Lions.

“Hoping Andy Murray can make it the perfect sporting weekend.”


July 04, 2013

Well that took all day but I have added 955 HD screencaps from Defiance, not a fan of the movie but Daniel was excellent in it.

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June 29, 2013

In the wake of ‘Skyfall’ enjoying the highest financial returns and critical plaudits of any Bond film to date, it seems hard to fathom now that many fans were outraged when Daniel Craig landed the role. Craig’s casting in 2006’s ‘Casino Royale’ was pivotal to the direction change the series has taken of late, restoring a hard edge to the character that arguably hadn’t been seen since Sean Connery. However, while ‘Skyfall’ matched Craig’s first two films for character-based drama, it also revived some of the series staples, reintroducing Q, Miss Moneypenny, and a male M, all of which implies a willingness to re-embrace some of 007’s more outlandish elements.

This is a moot point considering Craig will be the fourth actor to reach four films in the role. It’s worth noting that a not-so-great precedent has been set by the films of his predecessors. As each successive film seeks to outdo the last, the fourth outing is when things tend to push credibility that bit too far, lapsing into outright absurdity.

Consider 1965’s ‘Thunderball.’ Connery’s fourth Bond came a year after what many still regard the definitive 007, ‘Goldfinger.’ Eager to go one better for gizmos and surprise reveals, the first five minutes alone of ‘Thunderball’ see Bond punch a grieving widow in the face, revealing ‘her’ to in fact be the supposedly dead husband, who Bond ensures is truly dead soon thereafter – before making a hasty exit via rocket pack. Still, even with its subsequent shark brawls and climactic underwater battle, ‘Thunderball’ is less excessive overall than its follow-up ‘You Only Live Twice,’ so we can’t be too hard on it.

However, we definitely can’t say the same for Roger Moore’s fourth 007. While the end credits of 1977’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ promised Bond would return in ‘For Your Eyes Only,’ the success of ‘Star Wars’ prompted a rethink: if audiences loved space, that was where Bond had to go. Hence 1979’s ‘Moonraker,’ which took little from Ian Fleming’s novel but the title and sent the superspy on a rocket to an orbiting space station on surely his barmiest mission, to foil a plot to literally exterminate all humanity; a bit extreme, I’m sure we’ll agree. And while Bond girls have always had a touch of innuendo to their names, Holly Goodhead really takes the biscuit.

Then there’s Pierce Brosnan’s fourth and final 007, 2002’s ‘Die Another Day,’ which surely stands shoulder-to-shoulder with ‘Moonraker’ as the most oddball Bond movie yet. Its weirdness is compounded by its schizophrenic structure: the first act is genuinely unlike any Bond film, as 007 is captured, tortured, and perhaps most surprisingly bearded and long-haired once finally freed. It all seems to point toward a darker, more character-based film, much as Craig’s have been. Yet it spectacularly changes direction midway, introducing ridiculous sci-fi elements like genetic reconstruction, invisible cars and giant laser guns; piling on double entendres which are painfully unsubtle even by series standards (Halle Berry’s Jinx reports to have “got the thrust” of “Mr Bond’s big bang theory”); and set pieces that are just plain goofy. Never before had we seen Bond in a swordfight, or on a surfboard; hopefully we never will again.

As ‘Skyfall’ has re-established much of the traditional 007 set-up, can we expect Craig’s fourth film to follow suit and pile on the craziness? We might hope otherwise, given the largely grounded nature of his existing three; but let’s not forget ‘Skyfall’ saw a villain devoured by a komodo dragon, clearly indicating there’s room yet for Craig’s Bond to get a bit silly…


June 27, 2013

I have added 1035 HD screencaps from Dream House, such a sad but fantastic movie.

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June 21, 2013

I have added 395 HD screencaps, thanks to Grande Caps.

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June 20, 2013

Tickets will be on sale exclusively to American Express cardholders from Wednesday, June 26 through Thursday, July 11 only for Harold Pinter’s BETRAYAL, starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall and directed by ten-time Tony Award-winner Mike Nichols. General on-sale will begin on Friday, July 12. Tickets will be available at www.telecharge.com or by calling Telecharge.com at 212-239-6200.

BETRAYAL will begin performances on Tuesday, October 1 at the Barrymore Theatre (243 West 47th Street). Opening night is Sunday, October 27. BETRAYAL is a strictly limited engagement, running 14 weeks only, through January 5, 2014.

BETRAYAL originally premiered at London’s National Theatre in 1978 and was immediately hailed as one of Pinter’s masterworks, winning the 1979 Olivier Award for Best New Play. Emma (Rachel Weisz) is married to Robert (Daniel Craig), a publisher, but she has long had an affair with Jerry (Rafe Spall), a literary agent and Robert’s best friend; as, in a brilliant device, time is regained, so the full complexity of their relationships comes to light.